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Posted On 07 Mar 2016
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Picking the right fertilizer can be tricky. At Yeagers Hardware, we have a wide variety of fertilizers available. Lawns, shrubs, trees, flowers and vegetables each require different types of fertilizer.  Don’t let this intimidate you though. Fertilizing is a step many people skip but it can pay off with a lusher lawn and more productive plants. To watch our in depth video about choosing and spreading fertilizers, click here.

Why Fertilize? Plants require six primary nutrients. They get three of them – carbon, hydrogen and oxygen – from air and water. The other three are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. On fertilizer bags, you’ll generally see three numbers in order. For vegetable gardens they may be something like 10-10-10 or 13-13-13, for growing your lawn it may be something like 20-0-10. These numbers are the amount of nitrogen, phosophorus and potassium or N-P-K in the fertilizer.

yeag -fertilizer bagsNitrogen helps everything above the soil grow. Phosphorous works below the soil, stimulating root growth. Potassium helps all-around feeding of the lawn or garden. Picking a fertilizer with the right N-P-K will get you on track for a great growing season.

Depending on the size of the yard or garden your fertilizing, there are a couple of good ways to distribute the fertilizer. You can use a hand broadcast spreader for smaller areas. It’s as easy as walking the yard and turning the crank. There’s also a wheeled broadcast spreader that you can push around your lawn for larger areas.

Yeag - fertilizer spreadersHave more questions about fertilizer? Stop by one of our four Yeagers Hardware locations and ask one of our helpful sales associates. And click here for our March sale prices on items for your lawn.

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