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Fixing Christmas Lights

Posted On 01 Dec 2020
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Fixing Christmas Lights

Fixing Broken Christmas Lights

Everyone is lighting their houses inside and out for the holidays. You got all the boxes down and the family is ready to make your house the next bright star on the street. You test the lights and find some aren’t working. Here are some tips to fix your Christmas lights.

Step #1 – Replace a burnt out bulb

Many times it is just one bulb that disrupts the flow of electricity to the rest of the strand. Look for a bulb that could be burnt out, broken or missing. Using a replacement bulb, plug it in and test the lights again. Continue to replace bulbs with working light bulbs throughout the entire length of area that has unlit bulbs. 

Once you feel confident that you have checked through all the bulbs and it is still not working, continue to try other issues.

Step #2 – Check the wiring

With the strain some lights undergo, the wires going into the bulb socket could loosen and pull free. Check along the full length of the lights to see if there are any loose wires. If you find one, be sure the lights are not plugged in and try to flatten and twist the wire. Press the twisted wire into the bulb socket and test the lights again. If this worked, you can do one of two options: Tape the wire securely to the bulb socket or remove the bulb all together and clean the wire all together and twist the two ends together with a wire nut and tape securely.


Step #3 – Blew a Fuse

Most lights have a fuse that is located in the plug area. Loosen the small door that keeps it secure and pop out the fuse and replace it. Be sure to slide the small door again before plugging in.

These three simple steps could help you save your light strand for another glorious year. But if you are still having issues, your friends at Yeagers will be happy to save you too… with amazing deals on Christmas lights!

(NOTE – Be sure lights are unplugged when performing any of these steps above.)

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