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Flying Insect Troubles

Posted On 15 Jun 2020
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Tired of flying pests taking over your home? Get it back this summer!

Insects are an inevitable part of our world. They provide a lot of great things for our planet but sometimes they can be a nuisance to our homes and how we can enjoy our life. Here are some great products that can help control the flying insect population that might be invading your home.

Flies of all types

Flies show up just about everywhere in the River Valley. They are notorious for ruining backyard barbecues, popping up in your kitchen or just finding their foraging ground in your bedroom. Some great ways to prevent a fly invasion are by keeping surfaces and garbage cans cleaned frequently. Be sure to check under sinks and areas where food could get caught between the stove and counters. If you enjoy keeping your windows open, make sure the seal around the screen is tight. If you have a hole in your screen, you can always bring it to your local Yeagers and we can help with our excellent screen repairs that are sure to fit your budget!


Wasps, Hornets and Bees

Avoiding wasps, hornets and bees is a much harder and sometimes painful chore. While pests like flies are a nuisance, insects with stingers can be much worse. Children and adults alike are terrified of flying stinging insects like a wasp and the larger they come, the scarier it can be. Bees can provide lots of honey and help to pollinate our flowers and plants, but if they make their hive too near your home, their daily infestation of your porch and common areas can make life unpleasant. Ace offers two different types of insect killers for insects like wasps and hornets: a spray insect killer and a foaming insect killer. Both products can spray up to 20 feet to keep you at a safe distance. The main difference is that the foaming spray will blanket the entire area and it makes it easier for people to see where the spray is landing. When trying to kill a nest, it is always best to spray these at night when the insects are more dormant. It is also a better option as most flying insects return to the nest or hive at night to sleep so you will have the best chance to get all of the insects at one time.

Roaches can fly too?

They sure can! While some species do not fly, there are some that do…just when you 

least expect it. The great news is, Yeagers carries the Ace Ant, Roach and Spider killer too! This formula will keep roaches away from turning your home into a haven for the roaches and ants of the River Valley and helps kill spiders as well. This version of the insect killer is also great for perimeter protection against ants and roaches so you can spray around your home to keep the bugs out!


Still need more help with pesky bugs this summer? Come by and talk to our team at Yeagers to help you find the perfect way to take back summer!

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