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Home improvement can keep you Cool!

Posted On 07 Jul 2019
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Keeping cool in the hottest days of summer is a task!

The team at Yeagers have come up with five easy ways to keep the temperature down in your home.

#1 – Switch out those lights!

If you have ever removed a lightbulb that was recently on, you know they kick off a lot of heat. Keeping minimal lights on will certainly help you reduce temperature in your home, but keeping the lights on at night is important. Replacing your light bulbs with energy efficient LED light bulbs will reduce the heat in your house and will help keep your electric bill lower.


#2 – Look at the windows

It gets cold in the River Valley in the winter and when it does some of the seals in your windows can crack. Take some time to go through your home and check the seals on your windows. They could need a reseal around the edges to lock in your cool air conditioning. Our team also suggests a general look over at your windows in general too! If your windows haven’t been replaced in a while, maybe it’s time to install some windows with more insulation. It will help you in the summer to keep cold air in and in the winter to keep the cold outside where it belongs. 


#3 – Take a look at your doors

Doors are notorious for letting cold air escape! Let’s face it, your doors get a lot of use and the seals around the edge can get full of dirt or even begin to break down. Start with a good cleaning. Wipe down all around the edges of your doors and clean off the seals. Inspect for any cracks or corners that may have become damaged. Then wait until dark and begin the “light hunt”! Stand outside your door and have a friend go inside with a bright flashlight and glide it along around the edge of the door. Using come painters tape, put pieces anywhere you see light peek through. The next day, so some deeper inspection and check with your friends at Yeagers to close up the leaks to keep you nice and cool!


#4 – Keep cool in the shade

Your friends in the Lawn and Garden department here at Yeagers say “There is nothing better on a hot summer day than a nice shade tree!” They make a great point. Adding shade trees to your yard can make an amazing difference in how much you need to cool the inside of your home. Planting trees isn’t just good for your curb appeal, it also helps keep the sun away from windows and roofs. Come talk to our folks at Yeagers to help you pick the perfect tree to keep you cool.


#5 – Become a fan of ceiling fans

Ceiling fans can greatly help keep you cool. Sometimes, staying cool means feeling a breeze on your skin. Your air conditioning unit is there to keep cold air coming into your home, but ceiling fans can keep air circulating around a room. A trick about ceiling fans are that they are not just for summer! If you flip the switch by the base of the fan, it will rotate the blades in the opposite direction. This means in the winter that all that hot air in the room can circulate downward to keep you warmer! Not sure how to install a ceiling fan? Talk to the team at Yeagers to help talk you through the steps.


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