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Snow cones and swimming pools are some of the perks of summertime but they don’t come without a price. Spending time outdoors means finding ways to keep annoying insects like mosquitoes at bay.

Yeagers has a complete line of products to protect you whether you’re enjoying your backyard or out and about. Watch Doug explain your options here or keep reading.

First, let’s talk prevention. Insect control starts with eliminating areas of standing water where mosquitoes can breed. If you can’t get rid of the water, Yeagers stocks “Mosquito Dunks” that help treat standing water and get rid of insects. You’ll also want to keep your yard neat and trimmed to discourage bugs. Try lawn insect killer granules, spray or foggers to get rid of all types of bugs.  If you’re looking to make an immediate impact, a propane insect fogger is ideal for use before outdoor parties, pool parties and special events. It helps you to create a bite-free environment for people to enjoy. You can control large areas in minutes and be bug-free for up to 6 hours.

When it comes to personal protection, Yeagers gives you lots of choices. We have an array of products with deet, perhaps the most effective mosquito repellent. If you’re looking for something a little milder and less greasy, you might try the new Repel insect repellent with picaridin. It goes on drier than most deet products. In addition to being a mosquito repellent, it also works on the deer ticks so prevalent in our area. If you want to try something other than a spray, the Thermacell clips to your belt. It is powered by a butane cartridge. It uses the chemical allethrin to repel mosquitoes, black flies and other pests.

If you’re looking to control bugs in your backyard, Yeagers carries backyard foggers that kill bugs on contact and can last up to four weeks. If you’re looking to make an immediate impact, the propane fogger is ideal for use before outdoor parties, pool parties and special events.

Don’t let pests keep you inside this summer. Stop by Yeagers and let us help you find just the right thing to take care of them.

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