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Spring is here! The birds are chirping, the grass is growing and your weed eater ISN’T weeding. Uh-oh.  If you pulled out your lawn mower, edger, trimmer or the like to start getting your yard in shape and found out it’s NOT working, Yeagers can help. Our team of service professionals offers an array of services including blade sharpening, oil changes and diagnosing problems with your equipment. (See our video here).

It’s not unusual for people to pull their lawn mower out of the garage this time of year only to find it won’t start. Certified technician Jack Russell says the culprit is often a fuel issue due to old gas left in the machine from the previous season.

“Ethanol is a product put in our fuel now which left unattended will separate the moisture from fuel. So the first time you try to start it, water goes into the carburetor, into the ignition and the machine is not going to run off water. It’s a big problem right now,” said Russell.

The process for repairs is simple at Yeagers. Bring in your equipment and our technicians will check it out top to bottom and prepare a complete estimate for you. “We want to let the customer know if the machine is worth putting money into repairs,” said Russell. “We don’t want them putting $200 in repairs into a $176 machine.”

Yeagers keeps a wide variety of parts in stock so they can usually offer a quick turnaround time on repairs so you can get back to work as soon as possible. Have any more questions on service? Call or come by any of our four Yeagers locations for more information.

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