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Looking for Ladders?

‘Tis the season to be hanging lights and decking the halls. If these chores have you reaching for your ladder, make sure you have the right one for the job. Will a 6-foot stepladder be enough or do you need a taller extension ladder? Watch ladder tips from Harry at Yeagers Hardware here.

Here are some reminders for stepladder safety.

  • Inspect the ladder – check the feet and rungs of the ladder to see if they’re in good shape and not worn or cracked
  • Lock it down – make sure the metal braces are firmly locked in place and the ladder is stable
  • Don’t climb too high – Never go higher than the second step from the top
  • Face the ladder –  Do your work facing the ladder, not looking away from it

And for an extension ladder.

  • Have a partner – make sure someone is there to help secure the ladder
  • Don’t lean sideways – move the ladder directly in front of where you’re working, don’t try and reach too far to either side
  • Dress appropriately – wear non-slip shoes and avoid loose clothing that could become tangled in the ladder
  • Use a tall enough ladder – make sure it extends at least 3’ above your gutter

One last common sense rule to keep in mind – if your ladder doesn’t look safe, it probably isn’t.

If you’re shopping for a ladder this holiday season, we have our 6′ Fiberglass Stepladder on sale for $44.99 (regular $49.99) now through Dec. 24! Happy holiday decorating!

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