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Pick the Perfect Paint Color with Our Sample Paints

Posted On 25 Apr 2016
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Thinking  of sprucing up your walls but stumped by what color to paint them? Yeagers Hardware can help. Color sample pints give you the chance to actually try a color on your wall before buying an entire gallon only to find out it’s not quite right. (See our paint colors here). Yvonne of the Yeagers Paint Department, describes the new sample pints special going on. Watch here.

“Choosing a paint color is often the hardest part of a painting project,” said Yvonne. “The color on a paint chip can look quite a bit different when you put it on the wall based on the lighting, flooring, furnishings and decor of the room. A pint size can is big enough to let you paint large swatches of color on your wall so you can see exactly what you’re getting.”

Color sample pints are $4.99 each but they are free when you come back and buy your paint at Yeagers. Each sample pint has a $5 off coupon on it to use on your next purchase of a paint gallon.  So pick colors with confidence, try Yeagers paint pints to get the right color for your room.

And remember, our award winning Clark+Kensington Paint-Primer in One is on sale at 25% off. Just one more reason to shop at your hometown Yeagers Ace Hardware.


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