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Ready to Dive In to Summer? Yeagers Hardware Can Help.

Posted On 11 May 2016
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Temperatures are rising and pool covers are coming off. If you’re ready to get your pool open for summer, Yeagers Hardware can help.  Not sure where to start? Bring a sample of your pool water into any location. We’ll analyze it for you and help you find the supplies you need to get your pool sparkling clean.

Yeagers offers a four-step process for getting your pool ready and maintaining it all summer. Learn more about the pool services and supplies Yeagers offers by watching here.

Step one is balancing the pH level in your pool. If you have too much pH you need pH minus, too little pH you need pH plus.

Step two is sanitize. Keep your pool clean and clear with chlorine tablets added to the water to guard against algae, bacteria and anything else that could grow inside your pool.

Step three is a shock treatment. Use it once a week to give your pool an extra boost of chlorine and kill any existing bacteria or algae. Think of it as medicine for the pool water.

Step four is algae guard. Algae is everywhere and constantly being blown into the pool by winds and rain. Algae guard helps prevent algae from coming back

If you’re looking for pool advice, don’t forget your nearest Yeagers Hardware can help you keep your water clean and clear all summer.


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