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Smoke Detector Hints and Facts

Posted On 18 Feb 2019
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Fire safety is always important. At Yeagers ACE Hardware, we know keeping your family safe is always at the top of your list. Now is a great time to check out your Smoke Detectors in your home to make sure they are working properly and are placed effectively.

Smoke Detector Maintenance

  • Test each smoke detector monthly by pressing the “TEST” button and listening for the sound.

  • Be sure to dust around the smoke detector to ensure nothing inhibits the flow of potential smoke into the detector.

  • Keep a keen ear to any soft chirping beeps from your detector. That is an alert the battery could be low.


Smoke Detector Placement

  • Be sure to place a smoke detector on each level of your home.

  • Place a smoke detector in each bedroom and in hallways near bedrooms.

  • Place at the top of the first-to-second-floor stairway and at the bottom of the basement stairway.


New codes require smoke detectors to be hardwired in a series, which means they are powered by electricity and if one is signaled, they will all sound. (Be sure to check your local codes and amendments.)

If you need more help, come by any of your four local Yeagers ACE Hardware stores. Our team is always ready to help you and family keep safe.

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