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Stock Up on Air Filters in August!

Posted On 14 Aug 2016
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It may be a hassle to make sure you always have a good air filter in place, but the value you get from protecting your heating and cooling system is worth it. Air filters protect your system from large airborne particles that get sucked in with the air. They keep your system running efficiently and make it last longer. Watch Bobby here to learn more about choosing the best air filters for your home.

There are a variety of different filters that can do the job. Fiberglass filters are 20% efficient at filtering large household air particles. These filters need to be changed every 30-days.  Pleated filters are 75% efficient at filtering large household air particles while some allergen defense filters are about 95% efficient at filtering large household air particles. Both the pleated filters and the allergen defense filters last 90 days.

Yeagers carries a wide variety of filters in a number of different sizes. If you’re not sure what size you need, just bring in an old filter and we’ll help you match it up. We can also show you how easy they are to install yourself.

If you need to stock up on filters, now’s the time. Our Ace pleated filters are on sale. Buy three for $3.69 each and get one free through August 31st!

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