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Storage solutions to keep yourself organized

Posted On 09 Jan 2020
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Keeping organized can be easy with help from Yeagers

The holidays are over and now that you are tucking away all of your favorite ornaments into storage. You step inside your storage area and realize that maybe it is time to get organized. Ditch the old cardboard boxes and upgrade to some clear totes! They make finding items much quicker and avoid nasty pests and water damage.

Keep your ornaments safe and secure by using some of the smaller totes to keep delicate glass away from heavier items. Need something larger? Yeagers has a wide array of sizes of clear totes from 7.5 quart size all the way up to 112 quart size.

All done packing up the holidays? Maybe it is time to move on to an even bigger project…the the whole attic. Yeagers always has great deals on storage totes to make organizing easy as can be!

Now that you are getting organized, how about the garage? Store small and large tools in some large heavy duty totes. These 27 gallon totes are super strong and sturdy enough to stack with the durable lids that are indented to fit the bottom of another tote to keep it secure from slipping.

These totes are made from shatter proof, dent and blemish resistant material that comes with a lifetime durability warranty. These are made for use in a variety of climates with weather resistant material, allowing it to stand up to extreme weather elements making it perfect indoor or outdoor use. 

Everything is in perfect organized totes…GREAT!


Now you can turn your focus to the other items you need all the time, but need to have a home for too. Maybe it is time to start storing up, as in vertically. These resin shelving units have vented bottoms to allow for airflow to make sure everything has room to breathe. 

These units also can interlock side by side with each other and can be secured to a wall to avoid and converns about tipping over unexpectedly. Speaking of interlocking, these incredibly durable shelves do not require any tools to assemble and can still hold up to 150 lbs.

Come by your local Yeagers Hardware to see these shelves in person and get some today to start the new year out with an organized home.


With Yeagers and You… there’s nothing we can’t do!

Ready to see what other types of storage and organization items we have? Click here to go to Ace Hardware online to buy online and pick up at your local Yeagers Ace Hardware.

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