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Time to plant some trees

Posted On 27 Feb 2019
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Spring is here and this is a great time to plant some fruit trees! Yeager’s ACE Hardware currently has some great deals on a variety of fruit trees ready to plant and start growing!

Here are some great tips for planting your very own fruit tree in your yard.

Location – Select a sunny open place in your yard. Fruit trees need about six hours of full sunlight to grow to produce healthy fruit. Make sure the place you select will not be shaded by your home or other larger trees. Remember to make sure there are also no other plants or bushes around the area as they will pull away nutrients and water from your tree. Beyond the other plants, you will want to make sure your roots have plenty of room to spread out. The roots of your tree will grow out as wide as your limbs so make sure to keep them away from sidewalks and driveways to avoid damage.

Water and Drainage – Proper soil drainage is important for a thriving fruit tree. The soil and ground around it must not flood or hold water because long term it could cause your roots to rot. To see if your spot is draining well, you can dig a 1 foot hole on the ground and fill it with water. If the water soaks into the ground, you should be good to plant.

Preparing the Soil – If you have hard packed soil or if there is clay mixed in, you might want to till the ground. It is best to till the ground to around 2 feet deep and add in some compost or peat moss with the soil. This will give some extra nutrients and allow the water to flow easier.

Digging your Hole – You will want to dig a hole two times as wide as the spread of your roots once placed in the hole. This will allow you to fill the empty space with loose soil that will make it easier for your roots to spread out into and take hold.

Nutrients Needed – Check the tag of the tree you are planting for information on any special nutrients your particular type of fruit tree might need. If you need help on the best nutrients and soil, you can always ask the team at Yeager’s ACE Hardware to help.

Placing your Tree – Put a little of the loose soil in the bottom of the hole about 3 inches deep. Place your tree in the hole and make sure the trunk will be higher than the ground level. If not, add or remove some soil until it is perfectly placed but make sure no roots are exposed.

Fill the Hole – Fill the open area around the hole with loose soil and press down gently until the ground is level. Then water the area and once the water is down, you may notice that the soil has settled down below the ground level. Add more soil and continue the process until the ground is level after watering. Once complete, it is best to add some organic mulch on top of the freshly dug area. This will help maintain the ground level, promote water flow and keep any roots from being exposed.


Just remember, the folks at Yeager’s ACE Hardware are great at helping you with this and any task in your home and garden. Stop by and see us today for more hints and tips!

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