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Top Tips for Starting a Garden

Posted On 07 Apr 2020
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Spring is in full effect and that empty canvas of grass is just calling for a garden. Starting your garden can be easy, rewarding and beautiful with these simple steps. For this blog, we are going to discuss creating a vegetable garden where you can reap what you sow.

Step 1 – Find the right spot

Gardens can be placed practically anywhere. The first part that many people overlook is observing the place you want to put your garden. 

Things to watch for are:

  • Sun & Shade – How many hours throughout the day does the sun shine in that area. Is it just morning sun or afternoon sun. These things will be important when selecting your plants.
  • Water – When it rains, does the ground typically pool up in puddles here? It could mean that the soil has a lot of clay in it that may not make it good for a garden. But you can always make a raised bed garden there!
  • Proximity – Make sure that your garden is placed somewhere you can easily access it for watering, weeding and enjoying.
  • Animals – Be mindful that if you happen to have some friendly rabbits or squirrels, they might enjoy your garden more than you. It might mean adding a fence to keep them out.

Step 2 – Prepare the ground

With any type of garden, you will need to make sure you prepare the ground before you begin. 

Simple steps to prep your ground:

  • Dig it up! – Start by digging up the ground in several places to loosen the dirt. For larger gardens you might want to use a garden tiller to do this step.
  • Clean house! – Be sure to clear out any weeds and grass from your soil including the roots. This will help keep invading plants from popping up.
  • Mix in! – If your soil is dry and not what you would expect, buy some top soil to add in to your mixture. Toss some over your current dug up soil and using a rake or hoe, mix it up.
  • Fertilize! – If you want to use some soil with fertilizer mixed in, this is the perfect time to add it and then mix it in.

Step 3 – Time to Shop

Come on down to your local Yeagers Ace Hardware and talk to one of our lawn and garden experts. Explain what your garden looks like, the sun exposure and any concerns you have and they can help you select the right plants for you. You can talk to them about anything including what type of fertilizers work best, specialty tools that could help or how to keep insects out of your garden.

Step 4 – Plant and Enjoy

Watering garden equipment – hand with a hose for irrigation plants. Gardener with watering hose and sprayer water.

Bring your green treasures to your garden and begin to plant. It is best to fully read the labels on each plant to understand how large they will get, how deep they should be planted and how much sun and water they will need.

Helpful tricks to planting:

  • Give them room to expand – Don’t plant them too close  because you could strangle the roots and inhibit the plant from getting the nutrients it needs

  • Don’t toss the information stick – Each plant comes with information about how to tend to the plant. Use this as a stake to help you remember the difference between plants.

  • Save the plastic containers – Once you ace this year of having a garden, you might want to start from seeds next year. These small containers are perfect to plant and start your own seeds to make your garden.

All that is left is to water daily, keep it weeded and enjoy the fruits…err.. vegetables of your labor!


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